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Name:- Diamond Grand Champion Tachali Silver Maks
Born:- 3/8/05
Sire:- Uki Phantom Fury of Kimara (Owned by Lucy Nikiforos)
Dam:- Champion Tachali Zena


2008 Perth Royal Show

Supreme in Show

Maks has the best temperament and loves nothing more then a big cuddle. He is however a very large male weighting in at approx. 7kg.
He has done very well in the show rings and loves all the attention so normally performs well on the bench.




Name:- Tachali Sky Casper
Born:- 24/12/07
Sire:- Ch Tachali Silver Maks
Dam:- Katovluv Calina (NZ Imp)


Casper has turned out to be very much like his father maks. Very laid back, loves attention and is doing well on the show bench, even giving his father a run for his money sometimes.


Name:- Kimara Majestic Cosmic Blue (Breed by Lucy Nikiforos)
Born:- 30/1/05
Sire:- Ch Saskabel Count Bazsil
Dam:- Kimara Blu Marra


Cosmo is a lovely small compact male. for the first couple of years was doing quite well in the shows, until the royal then all of a sudden he decided that he did not like showing, put his tail between his legs, curled up into a ball and said I do not like this any more. So I stopped showing him. All my entire males live in harmony with each other and I after house two males together, they are not aggressive towards each other or females. This is one reason why I love the Russians so much, they just like getting on with everyone.




Name:- Tachali Silver Zivon

Born:- 22/5/09

Sire:- CCCA GDCH & Triple EmGdCh Kimara Klassic Silver Shadow (Bret & Owner by Lucy Nikiforos)

Dam:- Ch Tachali Zena


Zivon is an up and coming stud male, at this stage he is very much like the other boys, great nature and a real sook. He will be starting his show carear of this year, so will be interesting to see how he goes.