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Name:- Champion Tachali Zena
Birth:- 16/7/03
Sire:- DiGdCh Taiendi Anatolya (Owned by Lucy Nikiforos)
Dam:- Fomhar Kiska (my First Russian)


Zena is the daughter of our first russian and the start of our love for the Russians. Unfortunately her mother died at an early age, so Zena is our oldest Russians. She is however one of my best Russians, she has inherited her mothers good nature, the kids can do anything with her, like all of our Russians.


Name:- Katovluv Calina (New Zealand Import)
Birth:- 24/10/04
Sire:- BzDbGrCh Obanya Silver Cossack Dancer
Dam:- Kirov Contessa



Name:- Ch Katovluv Mika (New Zealand Import)
Birth:- 3/1/04
Sire:- BzDbGrCh Obanya Silver Cossack Dancer
Dam:- Obanya Silver Amara


Both Calina and Mika I imported from New Zealand as 12 week old kittens. The gene pool over hear was getting a little small so I had to import to open up the breeding program. Both girls are lovely and have produced some lovely babies. They are a totally different look to my other cats, but bring something different to the line.




Name:- Tachali Regal Clara
Born:- 19/10/06
Sex:- Female Desexed
Sire:- Ch Tachali SIlver Maks
Dam:- Ch Katovluv Mika (NZ Imp)


Clara is a huge desexed female, she is as large as her father Maks. She was the largest in a litter of six. But unfortunately she developed a bad heart murmur. So I had to keep her and desex her when she was 6 months old. She is a fighter and a very strong cat and went through the surgery with fighting colours. She is a very active cat and know one has ever told her she has a heart condition. She is one of my sons favourites.




Include photo - Asya at 6 months old.

Name:- Tachali Majestic Asya

Born:- 17/7/09

Sire:- Tachali Sky Casper

Dam:- Tachali Regal Tasya



Asya is the first litter from Casper. There was 4 boys and only 1 girl Asya in the litter. Asya is the granddaughter of Mika. Asya is a very sweet little girl, that just loves cuddles and is the happiest when in someones arms being cuddled.








Name:- Tachali Jewel Zoe

Born:- 3/8/09

Sire:- Kimara Majestic Cosmic Blu

Dam:- Tachali Silver Pearl



Zoe is the granddaughter of Zena. Zoe is very hypo and never seems to keep still for a moment. Hopefully one day she grows up and settles down, but I don't think it is going to be for a long time yet.