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Hi    -    Welcome to my web site! 

Having a well earned rest on our couch. Russians really like to snuggle up together when ever they can


Let me introduce you to my family. 

We are a small cattery situated just south of Perth Western Australia. We have been breeding Russian Blue cats on a very small scale for about 7 years now.

Our Family consists of 5 children, 2 German Shepherds, an increasing number of Russians, and 4 very large aviaries full of different birds. 

All our Kittens are brought up in the house with my 5 kids and the two shepherds. They are apart of our family and are loved to bits by the kids.

I first discover the Russian blue about 7 years ago when I brought my first one for my Husband as a Christmas present and that was it I was hooked. 

Why did I full in love with these cats so much, let me give you a few examples:-

They are just the best with kids

They get on great with their owners and other animals

They just love people

They adapt so well to all situations

They are loving

They are affectionate

They love to be cuddled

They are not destructive

A lot of Russians just love to sit on your neck and will just sit there while you walk around. They are people cats so they do like to be in the same room as their owner. They are playful and love to play catch.

These cats are an indoor cat, they are not very street smart and can fall victim to cars and big tom cats. They are quite happy to spend there days inside. None of my cats have every been able to run free outside and none of them attempt to run out doors or miss what they never have had.

Male or Female?

This is one question that people ask me which sex is better males or Females? I think it is up to the individual person and what they are looking for. I personal do not find any different in the affection of my cats, like people it is the individual cats. Both my males and females are very affectionate and all just love to be picked up and cuddled. 

There is a big difference in size and look between a male & female as I will attempt to describe


Lot Larger than the females on an average weighing in at 7 kilo

Larger rounder face

More stocky body

Basically they look like a male.


Lot smaller than the males on an average weighing in at 3-4 kilos

Thinner slicker looking face

Thinner and slicker body

Very elegant

Very female looking


Well I hope this has given you a small in site into my Russians. Please stay for a while and have a look on my other pages.