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Welcome to all our other animals that are not Russians.

All my kids have there own special animals, as you will see from some of the below pictures. Our house grows, day by day with new and interesting animals.


Angle & Mika - Mika much prefers the company of the dogs to the cats.


Mika & Zeus - Mika loves to clean the dogs ears


Nikita - My eldest daughter Tara's new Baby a Black Silver Abyssinian.


Gizmo - Liam's Sun Conure.


Mia - Cameron's Female Ecclecles


Lizards1 - Chantal asleep with her two Bearded Lizards Buddy & Holly.


Liam & Lachlan - Few Years ago when we had puppies.


Toby My Beautiful 10 month old Black Maine Coon


20-12-09 - My Russian Kittens think he makes the best bed


Toby & Zoe - Even Zoe agrees.